Lost Friday is about creating for the joy of creating.

Sometimes, this core notion is lost in the ongoing cycle of client work and school work. Because of this, our industry can often feel cold, mechanical and impersonal. This is why we introduced Lost Friday with an outlook that is hopeful and inclusive.

With Lost Friday we are saying: “look how beautiful, fulfilling and radical the act of pure creation is, and how it’s often overlooked in our shortsighted chase for industry recognition.” It is about giving as much attention to the process of making and sharing as we have been giving to the end product.

We believe that the unburdened creativity at the core of Lost Friday can allow us the collective opportunity to participate within the culture of art and design much more profoundly than through briefs alone.

Our hopes are twofold; In the short term, Lost Friday should act as a creative respite and in the long term, building on these principles will help us build a more considered and compassionate creative industry.

Let’s come together and create again.

A collaboration with Dom Biddulph